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High-leve1reshuffle has exposed `selected` democracy: PPP

LAHORE: In a reference to the appointment of retired Lt-Gen Asim Bajwa as special assistant to the prime minister (SAPM) for information, the Pakistan People`s Party says it has exposed the real face of the `selected`democracy.

`The selected democracy`s real face has begun to be exposed as the owners of big house (a euphemism for the military establishment) have practically begun their advancement towards power corridors,` says South Punjab chapter President Makhdoom Ahmed Mahmood.

He says in a statement here that it`s bad luck for the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf thatitisfacingcrisesbecauseofits own `follies` and `flawed` policies.

Chiding the PTI for what he says wrong interpretation of the 18th constitutional amendment, the former Punjab governorsaysthefederalgovernment cannot absolve itself of devising a comprehensive strategy to counter Covid-19 pandemic or any other national crisis.

He regrets that instead of working in coordination with the federating units, the federation `is attempting to sabotage the good work done by the Sindh government for curtailing coronavirus spread`.

`It`s perhaps for the first time in the national historythat the federation and prime minister are dissociating themselves from the federating units as the 18th amendment empowers provinces and doesn`t give a leeway to the federation to absolve itself of all responsibilities.

The PPP leader laments that at a time when there`s a warlike situation in the country the federal government is talking of the 18th amendment and questions if the constitutional revision has limited the federation`s role then how come it is controlling the National Disaster Management Authority, and why there is federal health secretary.

-Staf f Reporter