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Dr Siyal`s contribution to Sindhi literature lauded at his book launch

By M.B. Kalhoro 2020-05-30
LARKANA: Speakers at a book launch ceremony showered praise on Dr Zulfiqar Siyal for his contribution to Sindhiliterature.

They said at the ceremony at Larkana Press Club on Thursday evening that the book Dr Zulfiqar Siyal-Adab aen Shakhsipat highlighted life and works of Dr Siyal and his role as a writer, poet and former central secretary general of Sindhi Adabi Sangat.

Pakistan Peoples Party Sindh president Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, who was chief guest at the programme, said that writing truth in this country was a crime. `There used to be times when uttering the name of Sindh was also considered to be a crime but our writers and poets braved all risks by raising their voice for their motherland throughtheir writings and poetry,` he said.

He appreciated the practice of recognising one`s contribution in his lifetime and said Dr Siyal was loved by many.

When he was serving as medical superintendent of Chandka Medical College Hospital he did everything he could to develop the government hospital and benefit poor patients, he said.

He had a multidimensional personality and `we feel proud of his literary and research work`, he added.

Dr Siyal said that Larkana was rich in producing personalities of high calibre.

`We also belong to this land and continue to struggle for our goals but we never falter nor feel tired. With the help of Mr Khuhro I did my bit to uplift the hospital which directly benefited patients.

Kausar Buriro, poet and former station director of Radio Pakistan, said that Dr Siyal had always been an active person. He composed poetry, produced liter-ary writings, and compered at many literary programmes on television. His poetry had been sung by prominent singers of the country and his work was multidimensional and praiseworthy, he said.

Poet Prof Malhar said that Dr Siyal had played a leading role in the realm of modern Sindhi literature. His literary and research activities were of immense importance, he said.

Qadir Jagirani, poet and central spokesman for Sindhi Adabi Sangat, said that Dr Siyal was an epoch-making personality. Besides being a beautiful writer he was a good administrator as well. He worked ef ficiently as secretary general of Sangat, he said.

Among others who also spoke at the programme were; Prof Jam Jamali, Rizwan Gul, Akber Azad Hisbani, Syed Sabir Shah, Panjal Sangi, Fakeer Mohammad Sindhi, Dr Badar Shaikh and Ayaz Memon.