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Gunmen kill driver, loot Rslm in four hits

By Our Staff Reporter 2013-01-31
LAHORE, Jan 30: Gunmen shot at and killed a 28-yearold rickshaw driver and looted cash and valuables worth Rs1 million in four major hits in the city on Wednesday.

Lytton Road police said Safdar of Sodiwal was killed by two gunmen when he was driving his rickshaw near Lytton Road.

The police said as Safdar offered resistance the gunmen fired at him and left him injured with a single bullet wound to his head. He later died on the scene.

Three gunmen took away Rs300,000 from a post office on Walton Road in the Factory Area police remit.

Another three gunmen looted Rs25,000 from Saleem Akhtar in his showroom in Samanabad while as many gunmen stopped Hasan Arshad on Circular Road in Naulakha police remit and snatched his car and a cell phone.

KILLED: A filling station manager was killed with repeated strikes of iron rods by unidentified people in the Shafeegabad area early on Wednesday.

Police said Jahangir was beaten to death while getting on a rickshaw after duty.

The attackers and the driver fled the scene.The police shifted the body to morgue for autopsy and started investigation.