Ruling PTI gets nazim slots in 9 KP districts
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Dawn Report | 8/31/2015 12:00:00 AM
PESHAWAR: The candidates of ruling PTI were elected nazims in nine districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, followed by four district nazims of its coalition partner Jamaat-i-Islami, as the process of local government elections completed on Sundayinthe province.

PML-N secured three slots of nazims, whereas PPP, ANP and JUI-F got two posts of district nazims each in the province. PTI had absolute majority only in few districts where it did not require support of any other party, however, in most of the districts political parties had formed alliances with each other.

The candidates of PTI were elected district nazims in Peshawar, Charsadda, Nowshera, Dera Ismail Khan, Tank, Karak, Haripur, Battagram and Torghar. The ruling party faced setback in Abbottabad where its dissident group emerged victorious against the party candidate with the support of PML-N.

JI managed to secure berth of district nazim in Upper Dir, Lower Dir, Buner and Chitral. PML-N won the post of district nazim in Mansehra, Swat and Shangla. ANP emerged victorious in Swabi and Mardan whereas district nazim of PPP were elected in Malakand and Lakki Marwat. JUI-F won posts of district nazims in Hangu and Kohat.

In Peshawar, PTI candidates Mohammad Asim Khan and Syed Qasim Ali Shah were elected district nazim and as naib nazim respe ctively.

The tripartite alliance of ANP, PPP and JUI-F boycotted the election process for having some reservations at the schedule ofthe election.

With the election of nazim and nazib nazims of district, tehsil/town, village and neighbourhood councils, the process of the three-tier local government system took five months to complete. In the new local government system, over 40,000 people were elected for different tiers mostly to the village and neighbourhood councils.

PTI also won the slots of nazim and naib-nazim of three towns in Peshawar while PML-N candidate was elected nazim of Town-IV and JUI-F candidate got the slot of naib-nazim.

The party-based elections were conducted through opened division.

Three candidates including Mohammad Asim Khan and Younas Zahir of PTI and Raham Dil Nawaz of PML-N were in the run for Peshawar district nazim. However, prior to commencing of the polling at District Council Hall, Younas Zahir and Raham Dil Nazaz withdrew from the contest. Three other candidates for the slot of naib-nazim also withdrew in favour of Qasim Ali Shah.

However, Osama Ahmed Waraich, the returning officer,insisted to continue the polling because under the rules it was mandatory for the winning candidate to get at least 70 votes.

The Peshawar district council consists of 138 members including 86 of PTI, 14 of ANP, 12 of PML-N, eight each oJ JUI-F and PPP, seven of JI and three are independent. Out oJ them, 107 members were present in the hall during the poll ing and 98 of them voted for Mohammad Asim Khan anc Qasim Ali Shah while 11 abstained from voting.

Announcing the results, the returning officer first adminis tered oath to Naib-Nazim Qasim Ali Shah and then to Nazi1r Mohammad A sim Khan.

In his brief speech, the newly elected district Nazim saic that all efforts would be made for the development o Peshawar. He said that the protesting members of the opposi tion would be persuaded to come to the house.

In Haripur, PTI nominees Adil Salam and Agha Shabbi Ahmed won the slots of district nazim and naib nazim respec tively. Each one bagged 53 out of 69 votes. PML-N candidate Javed Khan and Dad Mohammad bagged only 15 votes each.

Similarly, PTI candidates Tariq Mehmood Khan and Syec Ahsan Shah won tehsil nazim slot by getting 43 votes out oJ the total 56 votes while two voters didn`t turn up. PML-N can didates Sajjad Khan Jadoon and Raja Ayaz each polled elever votes.

Aslam Hayat Khan and Haji Anwer, both PTI nominees foi Ghazi tehsil, have been elected unopposed.

In Swat, the six-party alliance of PML-N, ANP, JUI-F, JI, QWP and PPP grabbed majority of votes in the elections for nazim and naib nazim slots.

Mohammad Ali Shah, the candidate of the alliance, was elected district nazim while Abdul Jabbar Shah was elected naib nazim. Both of them grabbed 62 out of 101 votes.

PTI candidate for nazim slot Ali Khan and Mohammadzeb Khan, its nominee for naib nazim slot, secured 37 votes each.

The six-party alliance formed its governments in five tehsils while PTI candidates won in two tehsils.

In Swabi, ANP candidate Ameer Rehman and JUI-F candidate Asar Khan were elected district nazim and naib nazim respectively. Both of them got 57 votes while their rival Azizullah Khan and Asif Iqbal of PTI received only 27 votes.

The PTI candidates won nazim slots in Chota Lahor and Topi thesils while ANP candidate won nazim and JUI-F naib nazim seats in Razar tesil and JI candidate won nazim and ANP nominee got naib nazim slot in Swabi tehsil.

In Nowshera, PTI candidates Liaquat Khattak, the brother of Chief Minister Pervez Khattak, and Ashfaq Khan won elections for district nazim and naib naiz slots repectively.

PTI also got nazim and naib nazim slots in Nowshera, Jehangira and Pabbi tehsils.

In Abbottabad, PTI forward bloc candidate Sardar Sher Bahadar and Shaukat Tanoli got the district nazim and naibnazim slots respectively.

Sardar Sher Bahadar defeated Ali Khan Jadoon, the candidate of his own party, with the support of PML-N.

Sardar Asad Pervez of PLM-N was elected nazim and Habibullah naib nazim of Havelian tehsil by defeating PTI candidates Iftikhar Khan and Habib. In Abbottabad tehsil, PTI nominee M Ishaque was elected nazim and JI candidate Sardar Shuja naib nazim.

In Karak, PTI candidates Umer Daraz, brother of PMA Gul L Sahib Khan, and retired Major Sajjad won district nazim and naib nazim slot by securing 21 votes.

JUI-F candidate Abdul Wahab and Jehanzeb won got nazim and naib nazim slots of Karak tehsil respectively. JUI-F candidates Malik Shaukat Ali and Speena Jan Won elections for nazim and naib nazim slots in Banda Daud Shah tehsil.

Re-election will be held in Takht-i-Nusarti tehsil for nazim slot on September 7 as ANP`s Sajjad Ahmad and PTPs Ataullah both secured four votes each.

In Lower Dir, JI candidates Haji Mohammad Rasool Khan and Abdul Rashid were elected district nazim and naib nazim . respectively.

JI also formed governments in five tehsils of the district including Lal Qilla Maidan, Munda, Samaar Bagh, Balambat and Timergara while PTI succeeded to form government in Adenzai tehsil with the support of JL