Lakki college students hold cleanliness walk
By Our Correspondent | 12/23/2015 12:00:00 AM
LAKKI MARWAT: The students and teachers of the government postgraduate college held a walk to create awareness of cleanliness among people here on Tuesday.

Assistant commissioner Sher Alam, tehsil nazim Hidayatullah Khan, TMO Ejaz Rahim and the college principal Prof Bismillah Jan and teachers led the walk, which started from Shaheed Abid Ali Chowk and ended at Qazi Ishfaq Chowk.

The participants were also carrying placards inscribed with messages to highlight the importance of cleanliness. In this regard, a seminar was also held in the college hall.

The speakers urged the students on this occasion to keep their surroundings clean. Mr Alam called upon the students to launch a door-to-door campaign to raise awareness of cleanliness so that citizens could maintain hygiene in the city. He said that the district administration would also mobilise people to keep theenvironment free of pollution.

The administration has also set up a tasl(force of volunteers Marwat Razalcar Force with the aim to promote the spirit of volunteerism among youths and use theirpotentialin socialservice.

The taskforce will work under the supervision of civil defence to augment the rescue and rehabilitation efforts by the administration, in case of any emergency.

`By promoting volunteerism we can keep people united besides educating them, especially youths, to help and support each others,` the AC said.

Meanwhile, residents of Kotka Mohammad Aslam Bargal have demanded of the government to set up a primary school for boys in the village.

Talking to mediapersons here on Tuesday, a group of people said that their village located on the border with Frontier Region lacked education facilities.

They said that over100 children ofthe village had no access to education. They said that they could not afford to send their little children to the schools in other localities of Balchmal Ahmadzai union council.